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We offer product and lifestyle photography services to help you display your products the way they were meant to be seen


Our staff is experienced in helping you achieve results with the systems you use in a more efficient and pleasant manner


We can help you fully realize the image in your mind of your web presence through collaboration and communication

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What else we provide?

SEM Services

It’s no longer just what you have on your website anymore, but what you have on the web

Ad Campaign Strategy

Advertising platforms are an easy way to spend money with little results, unless you have all right tools


We guide you through marketing your business to new audiences and segments for your current products

What our clients say

UEG has become an important part in the growth and continued success of my company

Aaron Cayce Owner / Phoenix Weaonry

UEG was an integral cog in the success and smooth transition for our most recent acquisition

Terry Naughton President / Sentry Products Group


About us

Urban Equity Group, Inc. advisors are your partners in analyzing process improvement opportunities and developing a plan that will attain your goals. We are among the most experienced consultants in the industry.

By collaborating with our customers, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes improve their business.

Latest news

UEG and Email Marketing

This is a video chat conversation segment that talks briefly about email marketing 

It’s hard first starting out producing videos for your products and services

Here is a video of my very first attempt at podcasting. I think the following ones will be audio only with special episodes being video versions.

The Importance of Marketing for the Success of a Business

Marketing isn’t simply an important part of business success Marketing isn’t simply an important part of business success — it is the business. Everything else in the business depends upon marketing. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and several media and entertainment companies, puts it as succinctly as possible: “No sales. No company.” Here are the […]

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